Steamer Cooker brass bronze kitchenware, dishes and utensils online. No more chemicaly treated Aluminium cooking steamer. Get 10% off and Easy delivery.

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Kerala Bronze Puttu Kudam | Maker Steamer Cookware

5,800.00 (Inc. GST)
The classic steam cooker (Puttu maker) that is perfect for Puttu -a South Indian Steam Cake maker is available at and makes the popular Kerala puttu in no time. Buy Bronze Puttu Kudam - Puttu Maker Online, Steamer for Perfect Puttu Every Time. Consists of Pot, Cylinder, Top & Chillu.

Idli Maker Steam Cooker Online, Copper & Tin Coated Inside

9,620.00 (Inc. GST)
Featuring an Copper & Tin Plated Inside Design, Best Idli Maker Steam Cooker has a Classic Look which Sure to Impress your Guests. Buy Now! Idli Maker Steam Cooker Online at Get Varieties of Traditional Cookware for Healthy Life Everyday Use.

Brass Puttu Kudam Steam Cooker Set

3,900.00 (Inc. GST)
Are you looking for the best puttu kutti in your home. Checkout the traditional type of cookware made up of brass material, used for making perfect cutlery for serving puttu, the heritage of Kerala cuisine. The brand Zilpin exclusively associated with South India's most endearing and warm - hearted grandmothers specializing in making people feel at home.